Beverly Bohan, owner of Haute Design, was featured in an article on the Chaddock Furniture blog. The article was showcasing her 5,000 sq ft Seabrook home where she collaborated with Chaddock to customize furnishings for the client’s home.

A couple from Chicago came to designer Beverly Bohan to furnish their new-build 5,000 square-foot home on Seabrook Island, outside of Charleston, and Beverly came to Chaddock to furnish the entire home.

As stated in the article “Customizing furniture is in my DNA,” explains Beverly. “It’s how I achieve something truly unique and perfectly suited to the client and the space. Chaddock has some great pieces – that’s one of the things that draws me to the brand. But for me, that’s just a creative launch pad!”

Read the article in its entirety here

Congratulations on a yet a beautiful project specifically formulated for this special client. It’s not work when you are having fun and expressing creativity…..



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